Significant Event Notices

Significant events and major changes at AvSuper

Where necessary and practicable, Significant Event Notices (SEN) advise members in advance of any major changes made to AvSuper or significant events affecting AvSuper.

Date implemented Significant event notice
19 December 2022 Administration fee reduction 
12 December 2022 Intention to pay surplus to the Principal Employer 
25 February 2022 Changes to insurance fees, terms and conditions
1 September 2021 Fee cap introduction, Growth option SAA adjustment, and investment objectives updated for all options
29 October 2020 Alternative transaction processing during transition period
14 October 2020 Changing to daily unit prices and a long term SAA update
9 April 2020 AvSuper’s Administrator
10 December 2019 Changes to the High Growth investment objective