AvSuper Corporate members

Corporate members are those who are currently employed by an AvSuper Corporate employer (i.e. Airservices Australia or CASA), whether they hold a defined benefit account, accumulation account or both. 

Whatever type of Corporate account you have, you benefit from AvSuper member features, which include:

If you are leaving your AvSuper Corporate employer, you can remain as an AvSuper member.

AvSuper Guide to Redundancies

If you hold a Corporate accumulation account, you also benefit from:

A defined benefit is a calculation based on your salary and service rather than investment returns. Your benefit is guaranteed and any investment risk is borne by your employer.

AvSuper’s defined benefit division was closed to new members in August 2002, however, defined benefit members can also hold an accumulation account in order to make personal contributions or rollover from other funds.

You can choose to transfer your savings from a defined benefit to an accumulation account as a Corporate member. Please read our guide for Defined Benefit Corporate members for information and instructions on making a transfer.

Note that once you opt out of a Defined Benefit, you can not opt back in.

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