Transfer into AvSuper

If you have multiple super accounts, you may benefit by transferring your old super to your AvSuper account to:

  • save on fees – multiple super accounts means you are paying multiple fees
  • keep better track of your super – it’s easier to see your super benefit grow when it is all in one place
  • reduce your paper trail – with a single super account, that’s only one set of statements to look out for each year.
  • access our profit-for-member philosophy and service, including personalised advice, low fees and strong long term returns.

Rolling into AvSuper

It couldn’t be easier! Simply log into AOL (AvSuper Online) and use our ‘consolidate super’ function (direct from the top menu). We’ll manage it for you, including closing your old account for you.

You may be eligible to transfer your associated insurance cover to AvSuper as well. Simply complete a transfer insurance form and return it to us. Please note that eligibility terms apply so you may like to use our online health test to get an idea of your eligibility before applying – refer to our Insurance guide for information.

Alternatively, you can request a rollover and insurance transfer by completing a Rolling into AvSuper form. To transfer only part of the balance from your old account, please contact your old fund for instructions.

Your other fund may require proof of identification and may also require a copy of our compliance letter (although our compliance information is included in the relevant forms) if you choose to send your form directly to them.

Important note: Before you transfer all your superannuation into AvSuper you need to be sure this action best suits your needs in terms of fees paid and benefits obtained. AvSuper will not charge a fee for accepting your rollover, but you should check that transferring is in your best interests.