AvSuper – the default super fund for the aviation and safety industries

We recognise that while super is our main concern, it won’t necessarily be yours as an employer. That’s why AvSuper makes paying superannuation contributions for your employees easy.

So there are no joining fees or complicated forms to complete and, providing you meet the Government’s statutory deadlines for paying contributions each quarter, you can make your payments how and when it suits you – including electronically.

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When choosing AvSuper as your default super fund (under choice of fund), you become an AvSuper participating employer and get access to:

As an employer, you are able to select a default super fund for your employees under Choice of Fund legislation. Generally you then pay their super contributions into that fund unless they make a choice of their own (or you are required to pay by law to a particular fund, such as if one is specified in an award or employment agreement).

To nominate AvSuper as your default super fund under Choice, simply send us your details or contact us and we’ll show you how easy it is to make the change to AvSuper.

Once AvSuper is your default super fund, you can use our standard choice form to tell your employees.

To make contributions for your employees who are AvSuper members, you don’t have to join or fill in any paperwork – just send us the contributions and let us know how to allocate the money.

Small businesses (with fewer than 20 employees) can also make AvSuper contributions via the Small Business Superannuation Clearing House.

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AvSuper is the only super fund dedicated to servicing the needs of employers in the aviation industry, welcoming employers and employees from aviation, aviation safety and related industries.

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