AvSuper Members

AvSuper membership is open to anyone eligible to join an Australian superannuation fund, including people no longer associated with the aviation industry, families of existing AvSuper members and the self-employed.

Joining AvSuper

Read Your guide to AvSuper Public Offer Membership for details of membership. Then simply complete an AvSuper Public Offer Membership Application and forward it to us.

You can make your initial contribution (of at least $1,200) via a personal contribution, a spouse contribution or rolling over from a super account (including from an AvSuper Corporate account).

If AvSuper is your employer’s default super fund, they will complete a form on your behalf to send with the first contribution they make for you. This will count as your initial contribution and no minimum applies.

AvSuper accounts

AvSuper accounts are accumulation accounts therefore your super savings (that is, the money you will receive when withdrawing your money) will generally be the sum of the following, less any fees, charges or tax:

  • your personal contributions
  • your employer’s contributions
  • any government co-contributions
  • any rollover amounts that you have transferred into AvSuper
  • any interest component (positive or negative)
  • any insured amount that may be payable
  • any spouse contributions

Some or all of this money may not be immediately available, depending on your circumstances at the time of your withdrawal.