Member education

We want to help members understand super and investing so provide the following factsheets and presentations for your information. You can also learn more from our monthly investment commentary and member updates.

Please contact us if you need further information or to book a personalised advice appointment.

Fact sheets specific to members nearing and in retirement are available in our retirement section.

2020 Federal Budget Summary

An overview of superannuation elements of the 2020 Federal Budget.

How unit prices work

Learn about AvSuper’s unit pricing structure

COVID-19 changes to super

Keep informed about changes to super and AvSuper in response to the COVID-91 pandemic.

Understanding contribution limits

Read about Government imposed limits to making contributions to your super

AvSuper's Cash investment

Learn about AvSuper’s Cash investments

Keeping your AvSuper account secure

It is important to monitor the security of your electronic financial details. Remember that online security is an ongoing process.

Nominating beneficiaries

Nominating your super beneficiaries gives you a say in how your super is distirbuted

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