AvSuper’s member investment choice (MIC) enables you* to choose one or a combination of our professionally managed investment options. You can have your current super balance and future contributions invested identically or in different ways – the choice is yours!

In response to member requests for greater choice and flexibility, AvSuper has added a new MIC option, the Conservative Growth investment option. The Trustee considers that the Conservative Growth option may be best suited to members approaching retirement or who are generally risk averse, but who also want to maintain some investment growth potential.

The Conservative Growth investment option is comprised of 30% growth assets and 70% defensive assets and is expected to demonstrate less volatility of investment returns in the short term, but generally conservative returns over longer periods.

The right investment option for you will depend on your retirement needs, risk comfort and age. To find out more about the Conservative Growth option and AvSuper’s other investment options, check out the AvSuper MIC guide. You can change your investment options by completing our Nominate /change investment options form, or you can change your investment options yourself via AOL (AvSuper Online). Remember you do not have to make a choice, and if you don’t choose, your super will be automatically invested in AvSuper’s default Growth investment option.

* MIC is not available to defined benefit account balances