Ben Firkins, AvSuper Chair

I am delighted to announce that Ben Firkins has been elected as Chair of the AvSuper Board of Trustees.

Ben will take over as Chair from George Fishlock effective today, 1 February 2019, following the retirement of George Fishlock after 19 years of service to the Fund.

Ben Firkins

Ben works in Perth as an aviation safety auditor, specialising in the carriage of dangerous goods on aircraft.

Ben’s extensive experience enables him to appreciate the complex audit, compliance issues and risk matters of super funds like AvSuper. Ben’s practical experience is of great benefit to the Fund and its members, especially in his previous roles as Chair of the Audit, Compliance and Risk Management Committee, Chair of the Remuneration and Nominations Committee and member of the Investment Committee for many years. His experience as a regulator has greatly assisted the Fund with its general communications with the regulator and helps ensure investment compliance matters are rigorously monitored. Ben also served on the Investment Committee for many years.

Through his work as an auditor, and his everyday engagement with the aviation industry, Ben has developed a keen eye for detail, and an ability to engage with people that will serve AvSuper well in the coming years.

Best wishes

“As well as on behalf of the AvSuper team and members, I personally want to thank George his years of dedicated service and leadership of the Fund and the continuing focus on ‘members first’. We wish George well well as we continue into the future, running the Fund and delivering a high standard of service with a member-centric focus. ,” said incoming Chair, Ben Firkins.

We also want to congratulate Ben on this new role and are very pleased to put the Fund into his capable leadership. Ben’s experience in the aviation industry and in AvSuper make him ideal to lead our aviation based and member focused fund into the future.

If you have any questions about our Trustee Board, or any other matter about AvSuper or superannuation, please contact your AvSuper team on 1300 128 751 or AvChat (see link above).

Michelle Wade
Chief Executive Officer