AvSuper regularly reviews its offer to members to ensure it provides the products, benefits and services you expect.

Research to inform A Super Retirement was commissioned by a number of superannuation funds interested in better understanding the unique needs and circumstances of their members. We participated in this important work as it provided an opportunity for our members to provide feedback on their financial needs and preferences when they retire.

The survey was completed in late 2021 by over 3,500 superannuation fund members who are approaching retirement. The results will help us engage with our members, providing them with information to make the most of their retirement. You can view the report here.

The survey results also helped inform AvSuper’s Retirement Income Covenant, a regulated requirement for all super funds to develop a strategy aimed directly at members who are retired, or about to retire. As part of this requirement, an investment strategy based on the needs of this cohort of our members will be released on 1 July.

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