Trustee Board & Management

Trustee Board

The Trustee of AvSuper is AvSuper Pty Ltd (ABN 46 050 431 797), a professional corporate trustee company which ensures that the Fund operates in the best interests of all members.

The Trustee consists of a Board of nine Trustee Directors governed by the AvSuper Constitution and Trust Deed. The Principal Employer, Airservices Australia, nominates the three employer representative Directors (Mr Burgess, Mr Rothwell and David Coogan) and the three member representative are nominated by the ACTU (Mr Firkins, Mr Farrell and Mr Brades). Three independent directors (Mr Cox, Ms Darroch and Ms Orr) are appointed directly by the Trustee. You can read their biographies to learn more about each Director.

AvSuper Directors possess significant speciality expertise in the complexities of superannuation, investments and the wider aviation industry. All Trustee Directors must satisfy both propriety and competency requirements on appointment and thereafter.

AvSuper’s Trustee is supported by comprehensive risk management strategies, plans and compliance programs.

AvSuper Trustee Directors

Top row – Ben Firkins, Lawrie Cox, David Coogan, Michael Farrell
Bottom row – Geoff Burgess, Julie Orr, Tim Rothwell, Susan Darroch, Stuart Brades

AvSuper Management

As part of our personalised service, our phones are answered by our management team so you get help from experienced Trustee staff, not an anonymous call centre.

AvSuper Management Team

AvSuper management team

Standing – Naomi Hales, Kong Lau, Julie Peters, Tash Hughes,
Nick Smith, Sue Field, Debbie-Jane Campbell

Sitting – Shan Badowski, Carl Wilson, Catherine Mukungu, Ursula Morley

Inset – Michael Sykes (CEO), Scott Carle,  Jessica Gair, Gina Dowley


AvSuper professional support

The Trustee Board uses the services of professional external service providers to assist in the efficient management and operation of AvSuper:


Mercer Administration Services (Australia) Pty Ltd

ABN 48 616 275 980


Ernst Young

ABN 75 288 172 749

Internal auditor

Willis Towers Watson

ABN 45 002 415 349

Group Life Insurer

AIA Australia Limited 

ABN 79 004 837 861

Investment Adviser

Frontier Advisors Pty Ltd

ABN 21 074 287 406


BNP Paribas Fund Services Australasia

ABN 71 002 655 674


cHr Consulting Pty Ltd

ABN 95 094 545 892

Legal Advisor

Greenfields Financial Services Lawyers

ABN 70 109 832 840

AvSuper also uses a range of professional investment managers.


Phone 1300 128 751 (Local call)