Insurance Fees

The information on this web page forms part of the AvSuper Product Disclosure Statement (dated 1 October 2021) and AvSuper Corporate Product Disclosure Statement (dated 1 October 2021). Please refer to your PDS and our AvSuper Member insurance guide and/or member investment guide for more information.

The following tables and information outlines the fees and amount of cover provided by AvSuper insurance cover as described in our member insurance guide.

Please select the relevant tab below for the type of cover you are interested in.

Important notes about insurance fees

  • Insurance fees are calculated and deducted from your super account at the end of each month.
  • The fees shown below are gross, as required by law. However, tax rebates for insurance fees that AvSuper receives will be applied to relevant member accounts, so members generally pay up to 15% less than the gross cost shown.
  • Any applicable stamp duty has been factored into all our insurance fees.
  • Fees for your insurance cover may include fee loadings or exclusions applied by the insurer. Note that these loadings and exclusions will not affect any existing Automatic cover.
  • The Trustee does not guarantee the rates. Any rate changes will be published on this page and you will be notified in writing.
  • Members may have corporate and voluntary cover at the same time through one AvSuper account, but Automatic Cover will not apply to corporate members.

* Eligibility conditions include being an Australian resident and not having made nor being currently eligible to make a TPD or terminal illness claim. Age restrictions and cover cessation events also apply. Contact us if unsure of your eligibility.