AvSuper Register of Relevant Duties and Interests

This table represents relevant interests and declarations of AvSuper’s Trustee Directors and key management staff in June 2016. The declarations are made in accordance with AvSuper’s Fit and Proper policy (and APRA’s guidelines). AvSuper Trustee Directors are generally not permitted to be a director of another superannuation fund (other than being a trustee of their own self managed super fund).

Name AvSuper role Declaration of current roles or director positions held in addition to AvSuper role
D Allen Director
  • Medical Research Commercialisation Fund (since August 2007)
  • Chelcor Pty Ltd (own company and holder of an AFSL) (since 2006)
  • Were Street Investments Pty Ltd (own company) (since 2007)
  • Corchel Pty Ltd (own SMSF)
  • Stone Harbor Investments Partners, Consulting (since 2006)
A Cooke Director
  • Member of AvSuper Fund (since 2013)
  • Romax Pty Ltd (since June 2011)
  • Askg Pty Ltd (June 2005) (own SMSF)
  • Equip, Consulting (since February 2013)
  • Super Investment Management (since March 2015)
  • Utilities of Australia (UoA) (since January 2016)
L Cox Director
  • Member of AvSuper Fund (since 2010)
M Farrell Director
  • Member of AvSuper Fund (since 1 July 1990)
  • Member of the United Fire-fighters Union of Australia (UFUA) (2014)
  • Sub-editor of the Australian Fire-fighter magazine (2014)
B Firkins Director
  • Member of the AvSuper Fund (since 1 July 1990)
  • Member of the CPSU (Section Secretary/ Governing Councillor) (1993)
G Fishlock Director
  • Member of the AvSuper Fund (since 1 July 1990)
  • Member of Civilair Life – NCF Committee (1982)
H Mathews Director
  • Non-executive director of Goldman Sachs Australia Managed Funds Limited (2012)
  • Maxcap Audit and Compliance Committee (2015)
  • Consultant at Deloitte (2017)
  • Director Karhill Holdings Pty Ltd (2011)
  • Director of Mount Sanctuary Pty Ltd (2007)
J‑A Schafer Director
  • Director of Aviation Australia (2010)
  • Director of Collection House Ltd (2014)
  • Director and Chair of National Competition Council (2015)
  • Chair of National Injury Insurance Agency, Queensland (2017)
  • Chair of Private Healthcare Australia (PHA) (2017)
M Wade CEO
  • Member of AvSuper Fund (since December 2007)
A Ward  Governance Manager
  • Member of AvSuper Fund (since July 2009)


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