We have been trialling electronic verification of member’s identity for just over 12 months now.

Thank you to the members who have tried this faster and more secure means of verifying their identity. Due to the success of the trial and positive feedback from members, we will be using this method as our default identification verification method from 1 August 2020.

How does this affect you?

By law we are required to verify the identity of members before we process some withdrawals or accept Income Stream applications.

Electronic identity verification is a more secure and faster method than requiring members to provide paper-based copies of their IDs and having them properly certified by the relevant authorised people. We can now electronically confirm ID documents against Australian Government databases. Not only does this speed up the process overall, but it also provides greater protection against fraudulent attempts to access your super by unscrupulous third parties.

Members unable to be electronically identified will still be able to provide certified paper copies. Please refer to our identification fact sheet.