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AvSuper welcomes Hylton Mathews

Hylton MathewsI am pleased to introduce all members to our new employer nominated Trustee Director, Hylton Mathews, effective from 1 October 2015.

Hylton has over 25 years of financial services experience in various roles, including Chief Operating Officer at Goldman Sachs Asset Management Australia and multiple taxation, audit and  consulting roles at large accounting firms.  His roles have focussed on strategy, operations, risk management and governance across the investment management industry. He is currently a non-executive director of Goldman Sachs Australia Managed Funds Limited. Hylton is a qualified Chartered Accountant,  has a Masters in Taxation, and has completed the AICD Company Directors Course.

The AvSuper Trustee Board consists of eight Directors, equally representing AvSuper members and employers. Hylton is replacing Christine Goode as Director due to her retirement on 30 September 2015, for which we wish her well.

On behalf of the AvSuper Trustee Board and staff, I welcome Hylton and congratulate him on this appointment. I look forward to working with him in the coming years.

George Fishlock
AvSuper Chair

Welcome to Sue Field


Sue Field, Investments Manager

I am very pleased to announce that Sue Field is joining our team as our Investments Manager.

The introduction of this role is to further build out our internal investments team, to ensure that members’ investments continue to be monitored and managed at very high quality levels in accordance with the Trustee’s Investment Governance Framework and associated investment policies (including our risk management policies). Sue will also be responsible for enhancing our investment communications to members, in order to respond to your demands for even more meaningful information about the Fund’s investment performance and portfolio of investments.

Sue brings a great deal of super investing experience to the team, as well as possessing relevant skills from prior roles in MilitarySuper and the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (CSC), as well as the broader investment management and financial services industries..

If you have any questions about Sue’s new role, or any other matter about AvSuper or superannuation, please contact your AvSuper team on 1800 805 088 or AvChat (see link above).


Michelle Wade

Welcome to Julie-Anne Schafer

It is with pleasure that I announce Julie-Anne Schafer has joined AvSuper as an employer nominated Trustee Director from 28 July 2015.

Julie-Anne SchaferThe AvSuper Trustee Board consists of eight Directors, equally representing AvSuper members and employers. Julie-Anne is replacing Glenys Roper as Director as Glenys resigned from the role on 1 April 2015.

Julie-Anne has 15 years of directorship experience in various sectors including general insurance, telecommunications, health and transport, plus time as the Chair of the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ). Prior to being a professional director she was a legal partner specialising in commercial and insurance matters for 25 years.

With qualifications in Company Directorship and experience with an aviation training company, we are confident that Julie-Anne will be a positive addition to the AvSuper Board.

On behalf of the AvSuper Trustee Board and staff, I welcome Julie-Anne and congratulate her on this appointment. I look forward to working with her.

George Fishlock
AvSuper Chair

AvSuper and the financial situation in Greece

Some of our members have contacted us this week to understand the impact and likely future impact of the “Greek situation” on their AvSuper investment.     

Greece’s financial and economic difficulties have prevailed for some years now. However, recent events have been making news and causing concern for some investors.

AvSuper has very little direct exposure to Greek investments, but it is clear that there has been some impact on Australian and international investment markets more generally. Our Investment Committee has been positioning our assets conservatively and will continue to monitor events closely.

We have prepared a factsheet outlining the current situation in Greece and hope that information assists AvSuper members in understanding the situation as it stands. 


Michelle Wade

Investment update



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